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Bulk Milk Cooler 300 Ltr

Item Code : BMC-0.3 KL

Milk Van

Technical Details :-

Rated/Gross Capacity325 liters
MakeArumand Steel Industries
Material used constructionAISI 304
Shape & OrientationVertical cylindrical open type
Thickness of inner Shell (min.)1.5 mm
Thickness Of Outer Shell (min.)1.5 mm
On/Off Agitator One
RPM Of Agitator30
Type of insulation By injection – CFC Free High density PUF, 40 kg/cu.m
Thickness of insulation40mm (minimum) in the walls and 90 mm above the evaporator
Facility of measure the milk volumeSS calibrated dip stick along with value table
Make of compressorDanfoss/Emerson/Equivalent
Model of compressorKCH 522 HAE
Size(nominal HP) of compressor @ 0 deg C Evap & 50 Deg. Cond temp1 Ton
Number of compressorOne
Cooling capacity of compressor (kcal/hr) at 0 deg. Evap & 50 Deg. Cond temperatures5375 W
Make of condensersEmerson
Number of condensersOne
Number of fansSingle
Receiver Size6” dia
Receiver capacity3.1 liters
Thermostatic Exp. Valve make/size/capacityDanfoss
Type of refrigerantR22/R-404
Ambient temperature considered for design38 deg C (safe operating Temperature 43 Deg C)
Maximum cooling time considered for all & 2nd MilkingAll milking 3 hrs & 2nd Milking 1.5 hrs. from 10-3 deg C
Temperature range considered for All & 2nd MilkingFrom 35 deg. C to 3 deg. C for all milking
Connected loadWatts/Amps
Condenser Fan1 X 0.32 A
Agitator70W/0.35 amps
Lock Rotor amps45 amps
At 50deg.C ambient, the rate of rise of mean temperature of milk initially at 4deg.C shall not exceed 1deg.C in 4 hours when rated volume is allowed to standstill as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)

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