Milk Vending Machine

Milk Vending Machine

Arumand Steel Industries Private Limited (ASI Pvt Ltd) is provided best Milk Vending Machine, milk cooling and pasteurization equipments of our customers. We are widely manufactured, suppliers and exporters of Milk Vending Machine. We know top listed brand in dairy machinery industries and offers complete service. Our goal to exporter all type dairy machinery and ss and ms tank global like a Australia, China, USA, UK, Europe, Greenland, Russia, Dubai, Britain, Canada, Africa etc countries. We made dairy machine according to statement issued by Indian Ministry of Food, Agriculture.

Milk Vending Machine Manufacturers

Milk Vending Machine is major requirement in dairy or milk plant for dispense milk in the market. This is very useful equipments for dairy industries. This Milk Vending Machine is availabel for dispense milk such as 200 ML, 500 ML, 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr and 5 Ltr with best accuracy and quality. These machines are best and ideal to sell milk to costomers in a safe and hygienic method. They keep the milk fresh and pure by sustaining a stable temperature and can either be digitally or manually operated to discharge the milk. This machine is refrigerated.
For Example: If You keep milk in Milk Vending Machine at 4 deegre celcius. After 15 hour, Your milk temperature will change 4 to 6 deegree only. It's mean that your milk safe and hygienic.

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Milk Through Vending Machine

We keep milk vending machine price according to customers pocket friendly. We sell our machine best and lowest price in the Bazaar. We give 5 year warranty of our machines and one year warranty of milk panel of Milk Through Vending Machine. We give best service our customers and clients. This machine is very useful for dairy plant industries. Every machine component of our machine is manufactured and designed by ASI Pvt Ltd. We developed our vending machine software at home. Our dairy machinery and SS and MS Tank designed and manufactured against MAKE IN INDIA.

Milk Vending Machine Price

Our Milk Vending Machine is available in 5 (five) different capacities and many design available here. We have offered various options lika a payment option system, Voice system, fully software design and dynamic screen. We give 5 year guarantee against manufacturing of Milk Vending Machine and software maintain. Beside from our services area day by day increase in domestic to International. We made Milk Vending Machine Price on E Rickshaw, Four Wheeler and you can stay milk vending machine on one place. In Short, we manufacture according to you like design and model.

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