Milk ATM Machine

Technical Details :-

Milk ATM Machine

Capacity Range : 100 Ltr to 2,000 Ltr

Material : SS 304/316

Calibration : Card and coin accepter

Special Feature : Glass View

Design : Customized

We manufacture and Supply Milk Vending Machine. The offered milk vending machine is widely used to dispense milk. Our supplied Milk ATM Machine is capable of controlling the temperature of the dispensed liquids and dispensing of the milk is done by the card and coin accepter. The manufactured milk vending machine is easily available at very effective cost.

Milk ATM Machine Suppliers

We are instrumental in developing and offering a wide and remarkable range of Milk Vending Machine Suppliers the Dairy segments. Those who are producing fresh cow milk from their farm and who are dealing with raw milk collection can use this vending machine to sell the milk 24 x7 directly to the customer. We have auto cleaning and auto filling system. It can be dispensed through smart card system.We welcome queries for distributorship all over india for this cold milk vending machine.

We manufacture Raw Fresh Milk Vending Machine. Which is suitable for selling fresh raw milk at your door step. It is a small machine 2 feet by 2 feet which can be placed at any table in front in front of your shop . You can use any freezer or cooler to place the milk, Our milk vending machine will suck from the container and dispense to the customer . It will dispense 250 ml , 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Milk ATM Machine Manufacturers

The milk vending machine is a compact complex, which includes a 100-600 liter Milk ATM Machine Manufacturers, an agitator, a cooling system, a dispensation area and a payment system. Milk delivery is carried out automatically, and the machine is power-efficient and practically noiseless. This construction for sale of milk is equipped with an automatic washing system, which allows to keep the unit perfectly clean.

We are proud of being the first domestic producer of milk vending machines, and we aim to reduce the imports of milk vending machines and keep the domestic capital in the country and at the same time give importance to export our products all over the World. -The milk vending machines that we produce are produced in accordance with the statement issued by our Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock 100%.

Our milk vending machines are available in 2 different capacities and we offer different options such as payment system, cleaning system, business model, visual design. -there are 2 YEAR GUARANTEE against manufacturing errors of Milk Vending Machine that we produce. apart from our service, every day we increase our authorized service points.